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Lexicon of sexuality - Frisky Evenings - Every words explained

Lexicon of sexuality

Lexicon of sexuality

This page regroupes all of the words linked to the sexuality and relationship used on Frisky Evenings.

The definitions contained in this lexicon are for a better comprehension they should never be used to replace a professionnel opinion.

Coitus: It is the sexual connection of the female and male. The therm comes from latin meaning to copulate. It’s like the scientific therm for intercourse or having sex.

Mont of Venus: It is the triangle section above the feminine pubic bone. It is compose of fat tissue and is know to reduce the impact during intercourse. It’s name and shape are known as erotic symbols.

For additional references and informations

Dr Mimoun, S. and All (2007). dictionnaire de référence sur la sexualité.  Petit LAROUSSE de la Sexualité (Vol. 1). Paris : Larousse.